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Polygraph for fishing tournaments

Polygraph for Fishing Tournaments


It might be surprising for some, but polygraph exams are a fact of life for winners of fishing tournaments. Before a fisherman leaves the weigh-in site and before prizes are awarded, the top winner will undergo a simple polygraph exam regarding a few questions about how he or she managed their catch. Other winners are chosen at random so there’s no way of knowing if you will be chosen for a polygraph.

The polygraph test became synonymous with tournament fishing during the 1970's, when officials from the Bassmaster Tournament Trail implemented the rule to safeguard their growing first-place prizes. The Bassmasters discontinued the use of polygraphs during the late 1990's, but they reinstated the rule in 2006.


In the world of high-dollar fishing tournament fishing, this is the norm. And New Orleans Polygraph has been running polygraph for tournaments all across the Gulf Coast for over 15 years.  Below are some of the tournaments we are involved in:



If you would like polygraph services for your fishing tournament give us a call today!

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