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Secrets of the Truth Trade

A highly qualified Polygraph Examiner, Neil Rucker has conducted in excess of 10,000 polygraph examinations in his over 40 years experience. Neil graduated from his profession's preeminent training institution, the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph School. As well as pursuing a private polygraph examination business, Neil's career includes working as a State Trooper, a Criminal Investigator for the State of Alabama, and a Chief Investigator in two Alabama District Attorneys' Offices.

He is qualified and has testified in all court levels as an expert witness covering capital murder cases, sex abuse accusations, military court issues, marriage disputes, and high stakes sport fishing contest prize claims. "Throughout Neil's 40+ year polygraph career he has heard it all. Secrets of the Truth Trade will amaze you with surprising revelations and insights that only someone with his vast experience can assemble.

"Neil has been my friend and a valued member of our Network for many years. Enjoy reading about this man's incredible career." Michael Martin, Owner of the Global Polygraph Network, has administered exams in connection with the Columbine High School shootings, the Joanne Katrinak murder case, and the Preppie Murder case, in addition to hundreds of exams for national and international television shows as "The Lie Detector Guy."

"Secrets of the Truth Trade is an important expose of the unfortunate practice of "Righteous Busts" that is the source of so much hostility between the police and the black community, both men and women. Neil Rucker's professional experience and his storytelling skills make him the perfect voice to report on this important topic." Bob Zellner, Author of "The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement" - Forward by Julian Bond; New South Books.

Check out this interview with Neil Rucker on how far polygraph has come along and what hooked him into getting involved in this business here:

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