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Qualified Court Expert

Qualified Court Expert

Looking for an expert witness who is available to consult and testify regarding lie detectors and polygraphs? Neil Rucker has been qualified as an expert in polygraph and testified in open court in four counties throughout Alabama as well as Federal Court in the Southern District of Alabama.


Neil Rucker only conducts the most accurate polygraph testing techniques approved by the American Polygraph Association, of which he has been a full member, since 1979. His extensive experience testifying hundreds of times before Grand Juries and Licensing Boards. He is by far the most experienced Polygraph Examiner in in the State of Alabama having conducted in excess of 100,000 polygraph examinations.


Neil Rucker received an award from the Alabama Polygraph Association in 2015, for the number of tests conducted that fiscal year.


For more information on pricing and how he can help you give us a call at 800-662-1571 or email us at


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